Image analysis system


Image Analysis System
Image analysis system for material sciences and metallography

• Configurable with a wide range of application specific modules for metallography.
• Choice of analysis methodologies to take care of different sample types.
• Automated scanning of sample with the optional motorized stage.
• Modular system. Can be configured around existing hardware.
• Easy of use. No programming knowledge required. 

• Reduce repetitive, tedious and subjective manual measurements.
• Analyze multiple fields with ease to obtain statistical precision. Increase accuracy & repeatability.
• Obtain results and reports conforming to Indian and international standards and protocols.
• Generate reports with results and images of samples either for review or as convincing proof for    clients or other authorities. 

Image Analysis System

The Biovis MP 2000 uses a high resolution CCD camera (mounted on the microscope) to
acquire images of the sample. A high accuracy image capture card transfers these images to the computer.
Once an image is acquired, it is processed and analyzed by the software. The Biovis Materials Plus has several powerful routines for enhancing, filtering and segmentation of the images. The software has general purpose measurement tools and application specific modules for analysis.
The general purpose tools can be used in a variety of ways to extract size, shape and stereological information from the sample. 

Currently the system can be configured with the following application specific modules.
• Grain size.
• Phase/Volume fraction.
• Inclusion rating.
• Graphite flake measurements.
• Nodularity.
• Porosity.
• Microhardness.
• Decarburization depth..
• Coating thickness.
• Degree of banding of microstructures.
• Spherodization.
• Dendritic arm spacing.
• Particle sizing.

The Biovis MP2000 comprises of the following components. 
• Image acquisition hardware. 
• Biovis materials plus software 
• Computer 
• Color printer 

• Biovis computer controlled motorized stage with control software.

System to be configured around user's microscope. Microscope can also be supplied as an option. 

Results & Data
The system generates comprehensive data & statistics for single and multiple fields. Results are presented according to the chosen standard method relevant to the analysis. Result tables, images and histograms can be transferred to other programs such as Microsoft Word for generation of
customer reports. 

Automated Scanning
With the optional motorized stage one or several areas of the sample can be scanned without operator intervention. 

Modular system
The Biovis MP2000 is designed to be modular and upgradeable. You can save on costs by purchasing only those modules that you presently need knowing well that you could upgrade the system as your needs grow. 

In addition to their outstanding capabilities, all Biovis products are backed by knowledgeable support staff. Support includes on site installation, customer training and after sales service.
The Biovis software has been developed indigenously. This means that you can directly interact with the developers for application solutions or to solve your problems. The software is upgraded with new features and enhancements on a continuous basis
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